Sweet & Gentle Kitty

Mimi Cat was Adopted by Max on Jan 28th, 2016


Healingcats Animal Rescue Effort Dec 10th, 2014




We have a sweet, shy girl that needs a new home. Her name is Mimi - she's 5 years old (declawed)... was rescued from the side of a highway when she was a kitten and has been in the same home since then. Her human momma just went into a nursing home (dementia and cerebral palsy) and there is no one to take her. She is up to date on shots, and is located here in Clearwater.




Mimi is adjusting from being so shook up from losing her mommy, she is socializing fantastic and affectionate, she is clean and eats well, she has been thru the vetting.

Mimi is currently being fostered by one of our volunteer foster homes and is safe, but she needs a loving forever home ASAP. Mimi is just as sweet as she can be.


Mimi Cat was Adopted by Max on Jan 28th, 2016


(mimi cat was fostered by Linda for a couple months)


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