“Gracie” Seeks Forever Home


Healingcats Animal Rescue Effort June 22nd, 2015




               Look at the smile on Gracie’s face! 


Gracie is a beautiful 5 year old yellow Lab


WHAT A BEAUTIFUL AND GREAT DOG!!  She is a purebred (with all of her papers) Housebroken, up to date on all her shots now, knows commands, smart as a whip, totally a sweetheart.  What a treasure she is.  Gracie is the perfect dog!  Just the best ever example of what a Lab should be – sweet, smart as a whip, playful, tender, gets along with everyone and everything (people, animals), gentle.... she knows commands, knows what ‘walk, beef, eat, dinner (and a bunch of other words) are and knows them even if you spell them – even if you spell them backwards!  She plays fetch, loves to swim... Her energy is absolutely beautiful.  Gracie is as healthy as can be.  Would do well with a family with younger children that she can play with and walk to the school bus (she is that kind of dog).


She is 5 (born on thanksgiving)....she has had no litters....she is one tall, long legged, gorgeous blonde.., bonded with me in 2 days.....her name was Lucy but changed it to Gracie and she took right to it right away...she loves the beach and playing ball will swim what seems to be ˝ mile...and outrun a gazelle....Sadly she was used as a chew toy for people breeding wolf hybrids....her skin had some scaring and sores but with love, Reiki, and coconut oil her coat is getting better...She knows and understands mediation time.....loves Enya, candles lit...incense....she knows when it’s time to rest our body..... she loves every animal but is very strong like the DogWhisperer Caeser says..., calm assertive.., she is about1-2 yrs away as a service dog....but will make a great one.....her heart is soooo open and kind..


her diet has been organic (big eater) loves green beans and blueberries, watermelon, icecubes..and mommy’s special broth and veggie soup, over food....


For Adoption & Fostering Information Please Contact

Mary Sutherland     727-442-7428     mary.Sutherland@iac.com


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